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Our Company

BTSYSTEM which was formed on January 2005 to undertake Security and Telecommunication activities and also provides solutions to our valuable customer. It is our vision of only providing quality products come with superior personalized service to our valuable customer. We are UNIQUE in the sense that we try to be innovative and progressive in this field. Investing heavily in people, as we grown as a reputable security & telecommunication company. The company keen in supply and contracting for in all security & telecommunication system. Today, our focus has expanded and our expertise includes CCTV, HF, Radio Base Station, Switching System, Infrastructure built up, Training, Data communication and Maintenances. These divisions are committed to delivering efficient, effective quality solutions for all business needs.


BTSYSTEM has built a comprehensive security & telecommunications infrastructure service in Malaysia. Our team has tremendous experiences in handling Electronic Equipment and others supporting electronic devices. We are capable in handling project involving servicing, overhaul, refit including installing, commissioning, upgrading and replacing the new equipment. It is committed to offer more intelligent and flexible telecommunications services that will enhance the competitive edge of businesses, both locally and internationally. The company has taken the approach of "smart partnership" i.e. joint venture with established company, in order to carry out large and complex projects in Year 2007, the company incorporated as BTSYSTEM Sdn Bhd

BTSYSTEM aims to play a major role in the growth demand of technologically advanced telecommunications services, increase the country's telephone density and continues to expand modernize network for domestic and international communication, high-speed data transmission, high performance packet switching service, and private networking.

The recent explosion in telecommunication and Internet usage has brought with it a new form of network society (or "e-society") that depends on a wide range of information being exchanged over global networks and in large volumes. The consequent use of information technology (IT) by individuals, families, schools, businesses and governments is producing new communities and services that will have an enormous impact on our current social, economic, and industrial structures. BTSYSTEM is working to develop optimum solutions for each type of user in the coming e-society.